• Getting more from Office365 - Leveraging PowerApps, Power Automate (Flows), Power BI, Dataverse

  • Executing Digital Transformations within Your Business or Enterprise

  • Moving Your Servers from the Closet to the Cloud

  • Putting the Data Stored in Your Accounting and Tracking Systems to Use

  • Building End-to-End, Mobile-Enabled Information Solutions for your Clients/Constituents, Suppliers and Employees

Current Solutions and Service Offerings

Real-Time Mobile Interface to Legacy ERP and Distribution Platforms for Sales Teams
(growers, distributors, suppliers and customers in the agricultural and food sectors)

  • Smartphone and Tablet/Browser apps tied directly and consistently to a diverse set of data sources including legacy ERP/Distribution Systems, custom databases, spreadsheets and other relevant data sources.

  • Real-time access to

    • Product Inventory availability, age, expiration dates and other status

      • Don't make Sales Teams call/text/email to inquire about what they can sell. Put the info directly into their hands.

    • Sales Orders History (Open and Shipped/Invoiced)

      • Let Sales Teams view real-time sales order status and history to answer questions from Customers immediately.

    • Purchase Orders (Open and Shipped)

      • Let Sales Teams check to see if the products they need

        • have been ordered,

        • when to expect them if they have and

        • whether they have arrived.

    • Inventory Transactions and Movement

      • Let Sales Teams check where Product is as it moves from the Loading Dock to and from Warehouses, Locations, out to be modified by Vendors and then shipped out to Customers.

    • Quote, Pending Order and Invoice Creation and Management

      • Allow Sales Teams to build, print, email/text Quotes with Customers directly from real-time lookups to Inventory Status.  Get Approvals and transfer the Quotes to actual Sales Orders in your ERP system, all directly from their smartphones and tablets.

    • Sales Operations Coordination

      • Provide up-to-the minutes dashboards to track the status of interactions between members of your Sales Team, each with their own unique view of what is happening that is most relevant to them.​

    • Product Complaint Management

      • Tie product complaints including images directly to specific Sales Orders and manage the resolution from the interactions with Customers to Suppliers.

  • Powerful Sales and Inventory Analytics that let the entire Sales Team, from individual line Salesperson to Sales Support/Coordination, Area/Region Managers to Senior Leadership view up to the minutes analytics around what is selling, who is selling it, who is buying it and how much production is either on hand or on order.

  • Supplier Forecasting that simplifies the interactions between the Sales Team that needs Product and the Ordering Team and Management that procures the Product and secures Supplier Pricing.

  • Built entirely on top of Microsoft Power Platform including

    • Power Apps​

    • Power Automate

    • Power BI

    • Dataverse (formerly Common Data Services or CDS)

    • Direct integration with Office 365 including SharePoint, OneDrive and Office documents (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project)

    • Directly integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Field Service

Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Bi, Dataverse) Solution Components and Templates

Not quite ready for a full enterprise-wide implementation but want to go after specific work processes in your enterprise and provide high-quality mobile user experiences?  Most of the components of the solution above are available as discrete, stand-alone units that can be implemented independently within a standards Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365 cloud infrastructure.​

  • Business Components

    • Easy to Use mobile look ups to virtually any legacy data from Sales/Purchase Transactions to Inventory Status to Product Information

    • Quotes and Order Entry with Direct Connections to your Legacy ERP

      • QuickOrder Capability with "Shopping Cart" experience​

    • Sales Operations Management coordinating communications during the Sales lifecycle​

    • Product Complaint Management

    • Task and Operational Performance Management

    • Supplier Forecasting

  • Application Support Tools

    • Product Data Management (reconciling legacy data discrepancies and issues)​

    • Managing information stored in "Slow-Moving Dimensions" meaning those reference (lookup) items (rather than transactions) that change slowly like SoldTo/ShipTo Addresses, Inventory Items and Staffing

    • Managing Custom Identity Hierarchies (e.g. geographic and role-based) that are unique to every client we serve to allow higher quality reporting and data security.

    • Managing "Shadow" Data Sources like spreadsheets, SharePoint Lists, Access and other databases, etc. that are maintained separately from the standard "book of record" systems like ERP 

    • Dynamic, Custom Document Formatting and printing using Word and Excel templates and PDF creation tools

    • Integrated and Audited File Storage ensuring consistency between your book of record transactions and the paper or electronic documents that support them

    • Integrated and Audited Messaging for SMS Texts and Emails externally to Customers and Suppliers and internally amongst Sales and other Team Members

Cloud Data Integration and Process Orchestration
Power Platform Technical Design Patterns

  • Proven Project Delivery Methodologies

    • End-to-End Lifecyle Knowledge – Concept, Design and Business Transformation, Development, Testing, Training, Rollout, Adoption,

    • Sustaining Engineering with ROI Realization

    • Iterative Design/Development/Rollout Techniques with Involving End Users and Incremental Value Delivery

    • Power Platform DevOps with Citizen Developers

  • Power Platform Technical Design Patterns

    • Setting up, licensing and then managing the Power Platform within your organization or enterprise to connect with internal and external data sources

    • Power App/Power Automate Examples

    • PowerBI, PowerQuery, SQL, SharePoint List, Dataverse (CDL) Examples ​

    • Combined Analytics and Data Entry examples such as Forecasting and Budgeting with AI-Driven Insights driven both by historical and human-based knowledge.

Plant Inventory and Location Management

  • Track Plantings, Varieties and Planting History

  • Record Physical Locations (Latitude and Longitude) and display using Google or Bing Maps

  • Manage Pictures and Images of each Planting and Plant Variety over time

Historical Solutions

Appellate and Supreme Court Case Management and Scheduling

Anti-Corruption Compliance

Profitability Performance Management

Professional Services Delivery Management

Research and Development Tax Credit