PowerApps & Flow Practicum Training in Preview

PowerApps Dev Environment

After a deep review of the functionality of PowerApps and Flow within Office365, Hanging Valley is pleased to begin to preview a "practicum" training curriculum for the fast evolving product.

Using practical business examples, the "practicum" leads the students through the construction of useful PowerApps solutions that leverage, multi-device portability (Windows, iOS and Android), multi-media (image, sound, video, bar codes, PDF), a declarative programming model that combines an Excel "gestalt" with parameter driven 4GL screen and functional development and a wide breadth of connected tools to integrate your Office365 workplace with many popular web-based tools.

Leveraging existing data sets that exist in many places from spreadsheets, SharePoint, relational databases like SQL Server, Azure, Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Workday, SAP and others, we will help train your staff to be able to build, deploy and maintain anything from small, workflow applications to large, complex solutions to help drive your organization.

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