What does "digital enablement" really mean for you, your employees and your customers - A case Study

Over the past 24 months we led a multi-faceted journey bringng a new digital experience to the sales organization and employees of a large commercial seed distribution company. Our interactions with client stretch back five years now and the new solution has been rolled out first to user testing and validation and then into production in stages facilitating maximum user buy-in to substantial and significant changes to operational processes.

This journey has taken us through the processes and changes that have motivated this organization to "reface" a long-standing, core ERP platform using modern user experiences running on multiple devices (phones, tablets and traditional PC browsers) without the cost and pain associated with selecting, purchasing and then migrating to a new, more modern ERP platform.

These changes provide real-time access for sales staff to up-to-the minute (actually 5 minute) data on Inventory Status, Sales Orders (Open, Shipped and Invoiced). Purchase Orders (Open, Received and Vouchered) and Inventory Transactions (movements of physical inventory in, out of and between warehouses).

In addition, these tools provide the Sales staff the ability to enter and maintain Quotes/Pending Orders, text and email them to Customers and internal staff (like managers) alike and then, when ready and approved send them directly to the existing ERP system for product allocation, picking, shipping and invoicing.

This blog will take you through a wide variety of strategic and technical topics that have and are being addressed and are likely shared with many other companies both smaller and larger. Real, day-to-day business, process and technical changes, challenges, successes and outcomes will be mapped and explored.

We look forward to sharing this story with you in hopes that you will be able to use elements in your journey.

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