Hanging Valley Enterprises, LLC specializes in powerful but simple to use custom business applications built using modern "low-no code" technologies.  Using proven design patterns that scale from the smallest applications to full-scale, enterprise class we work with your business and technical users and your clients and vendors to construct valuable solutions to common problems but tailored specifically to your issues.

And beyond crafting the core solutions for you, we empower your team to enhance, support and maintain the solutions as your business needs change.  We "wrap" commonly used accounting, collaboration and internet/web solutions with tools that integrate the information coming from all of these sources into coherent and easy-to-use solutions that currently probably only exist in your business imagination. 

We can help you throughout the lifecycle of a project like this helping you:

  • plan and budget both the initial feature set and roll out but also a roadmap for the future,

  • design and implement the solution components,

  • test and roll it out to users,

  • support your users and IT teams,

  • provide sustaining engineering services to keep it robust and relevant into the future.






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Working with Affiliates, Mark is building a network of experienced resources that have the experience and capabilities to provide distinctive value for our clients.

Mark D. Slosberg - Principal/Owner
mobile: +1 206-679-3277

Mark has spent 41 years successfully conceiving, selling, planning and delivering profitable information technology, business consulting and independent project development while leading and managing the organizations providing these services.  This has included


  • 19 years of entrepreneurial executive ownership and operations of an independent system integration/software development company including its sale to a public company

  • 3+ years in executive management at the public firm that purchased his company

  • 12 years in senior and executive management at top US and Canadian management and technology consulting firms

  • 5 years of entrepreneurial "reboot" consulting with specific clients around their digital journey


After almost 7 years at PwC, he has restarted Hanging Valley Enterprises, LLC to

  • have a more direct effect on actual business outcomes and

  • help individuals and organizations build and leverage skills around the use of readily available cloud technology to enhance business value.

Most recently as a Managing Director at PwC, he enabled business domain knowledge using Microsoft Cloud and Information, Process and Performance Management technologies.  This included solutions for anti-corruption (FCPA) compliance, tax and internal audit/assurance. These were for delivery

  • on-premise

  • as Software as a Service (SaaS) from the cloud or

  • in hybrid configurations.


He was part of the leadership team that created a a global online service delivery platform and business model for select PwC market segments. 

His specialty is identifying, defining, selling, staging, delivering and operating business led and technology enabled information technology solutions to difficult or complex business problems for commercial, government and not-for-profit organizations.

  1. Industry Sector Experience:

    • Financial and portfolio management including financial turnarounds, profit performance maximization and compliance.

    • Agriculture

    • Distribution

    • Software and High Tech

    • Court and Justice Technology

    • Resource Management, Energy and Life Sciences

  2. Technical Experience:

    • Architecture and use of enterprise-class Microsoft cloud with a focus on the Microsoft Power Platform (Azure PaaS and IaaS, Office365, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer and Field Service) and corresponding on-premises tools along with cloud services from other vendors (AWS, Google, Salesforce, Box, Workday, etc.) to build unique and global online solutions.