Leveraging over 36 years putting effective information technology into the hands of businesses, government and non-profits, Hanging Valley Enterprises is focused on helping you build practical cloud based information solutions and skill sets in your organization. This translates into business value for you. We will help you: 

  • Conceptualize and document your ideas for realizing business value

  • Ensure what you are thinking about can be done for the costs required

  • Put your ideas into practical designs that you and others can understand

  • Figure out how and when to do what over a realistic time frame

  • Ensure your staff is trained and capable

  • Find the resources (vendors, technology, training & people) needed 

  • Make it happen and put your ideas into production 

  • Operate everything over time, securely, robustly and reliably






Working with Affiliates, Mark is building a network of experienced resources that have the experience and capabilities to provide distinctive value for our clients.


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